Begonia Dragon Wing

Dragon Wing Begonia Red

The most versatile blooming annual that we carry is Dragon Wing Begonia. They come in pink, red and white (this year) blooming varieties. Wet, dry, sun, shade doesn’t matter. The Dragon Wing Begonia is a gift that keeps on giving. It can be a bit of a thug when competing with other plants in mixed pots but it is easily contained … just give it a pinch.

At Martin Garden Center, we try to always have Dragon Wing Begonia in stock in 4″ containers and in hanging baskets. However, depending on the market and availability, we may run out from time to time. One thing is for sure, once you go Dragon Wing Begonia, you never go back. It has presence!!!

It also makes an outstanding landscape plant and combines beautifully with purple or white Angelonia in the background and bright green foliage (e.g., Joseph’s Coat Alternanthera) in the foreground