Black Petunia

Whether it be plain old petunias, supertunias, little tunias, tiny tunias, or just the old fashioned grandiflora petunias, we carry that petunia. The patented varieties (e.g, proven winner supertunias) come in 4″ containers and the non-patented varieties are available in flats.

The ever popular Proven Winner supertunias come at a high price but tend to be worth it. They brag a no-pinch petunia. We love, luv, lurv, the supertunia bubble gum, supertunia fuscia, and supertunia silverberry. We tolerate the others … just kidding. The three aforementioned have great compact growth habits, tolerate hot and cold well, and are very floriferous. We are also carrying the Proven Winner persimmon supertunia new to 2023. Gorgeous!!!

At Martin Garden Center, we still pinch all our petunias, particularly at the beginning of the season, to promote fullness. We also grow and sell many of the attractive Cascadia series of petunias and the Capella series of petunias. Truly stunning colors and fantastic quality. The pictured black petunia has become a highly sought after staple at Martin Garden Center.

In caring for your calibrachoa million bells remember that all annuals are heavy feeders so fertilize often. We recommend Fertilome Garden Cote 6, which provides a slow release six month feed. And, supplement occasionally with a high phosphorous fertilizer such as Jack’s Blossom Booster for more blooms.

To keep your basket fresh and prevent legginess, pinch one leg from each cultivar back to the edge of your basket once per week.