Please call us at 864-277-1818 to ask about our Services.


Landscape Design

Onsite support for your garden planning and planting. We come to your house and design the landscape of your dreams. We provide a professional landscape plan using landscaping software and, if you need additional installation support, we can provide that too. 



Centerpiece Design

Martin Garden Center has long been known for our amazing plants but not as many customers have discovered our custom design services. Simply bring your own pot or purchase one here, and we will design a living centerpiece customizable to your preferences. 



Seminars and Classes

We offer educational courses that are perfect for aspiring, experienced, and social gardeners. From Martini Mondays, to Totally Tomatoes, and The Soils and Fertilizers Course – We have it all. Registration for Summer classes opens in June.




Diagnosing plant diseases involves careful observation of the plant and its symptoms, such as discoloration, wilting, stunted growth, or abnormal spots on leaves. Bring in a sample showing the problem and we will diagnose it!