Welcome to 5 Acres of Gorgeous!

With flowering trees and flowering shrubs as the backdrop to anchor your garden space, perennial and annual plants can be blanketed across your gardens to bring beauty back to your urban oasis or city dwelling.  At Martin Garden Center, we have acres upon acres of plants that thrive in this area and are ready for your garden.  From annuals to perennials, from vines to veggies, from herb’n living to walks among the shrubs and trees, Martin Garden Center is here to meet all your needs.

Enhance your indoor living, both home and office, using our extensive greenhouse selections.  Hardy peace lilies and pothos; striking chinese evergreens, dracaenas and bromeliads; terrarium plants and succulents; and orchids and every type of fern imaginable, all ready to beautify your indoor spaces.

While amongst our plants, don’t forget to check out our great indoor pots and outdoor containers and to pick up soil and fertilizer.