The only Classes we currently offer are Potting Parties, which will be scheduled on March 30th and will take place in April. All spots for our other Spring Classes are Filled. Registration for new Summer Classes begins in June. Please sign up for our e-mail list to get early access for any future Classes.


Potting Parties

Bring your favorite pot from home or select one from our stock to create the perfect fall flower arrangement. Learn how to arrange your thrillers, fillers & spillers for your sun or shade pot. Our experienced designers will inspire you to create your best looking pots ever! Don’t forget to bring your gloves. $35 Per Class


Martini Mondays

Come join us Monday at 4 pm for Martini Mondays. $15 to $30 per Person, depending. Martini Mondays are on hold until further notice.


Totally Tomatoes

This class is offered at a cost of $25. You will receive expert instruction on growing tomatoes, a notebook with all all handouts and slides, and a 1-gallon heirloom tomato to nurture until it’s safe to plant outside. Martin Garden Center begins receiving thousands of tomato starts in 2″ pots available ~ April 1st. Totally Tomatoes Class is on hold until further notice.


The Bugs Course

Learn to identify common pests, fungal issues, and effective methods to deter and treat them. We will cover aphids, worms and caterpillars, lacewing bugs, spider mites, mealy bug, japanese beetles, flea bettles, thrip, white fly & slugs, black spot, powdery mildew and downy mildew. $30 per person. The Bugs Course is on hold until further notice


The Veggie Course

These classes teach you all you need to know to start growing your own food! This course is divided into 3 classes, each class is $30. Class 1: Goals, Seeds & Starter Plants — Class 2: Soils, Amendments & Fertilizers — Class 3: Maintaining & Harvesting the Garden. The Veggie Course is on hold until further notice.


The Soil Course

It all starts with good Soil. This class teaches everything that you need to know about soil. It also mimics Class 2 of our Veggie Course and includes 1.5 hours of instruction plus a notebook with all slides and handouts. This class is $30 per person. On Hold until further notice.