Coral Sunset Peony

Martin Garden Center sells more than 500 peony tubers or 2 to 3-gal potted plants each year. The prices of peonies have gone up substantially in the past few years, with costs almost doubling. But even with these increases in prices, the demand for peonies has not diminished.

Peonies are spring bloomers. And, with their wonderfully full and fragrance blooms, they are the perfect cut flower.

Staking may be required for heavy bloomers. But, it’s worth it to salvage that bloom laden branch that may yield even more flowers.

Peonies come from tubers and consequently enjoy a little extra bone meal each season. They also love the heat and do best on the hotter west side of the house. Avoid over-watering all tubers and in the South, never bury tubers deep … eyes should be within an inch of the top of the soil.

Some of the peonies that we have carried over the past several years include:

Duchess DeNemours

Duchess DeNemours – Early season bloom. Large double, white flowers over strong stems. Fragrant and very attractive foliage.

Festiva Maxima

Festiva Maxima – Late season bloom. Large white double blossoms with red flecks. Vigorous and very floriferous. Strong stems for excellent cut flower.

Nippon Beauty

Nippon Beauty – Early-midseason bloom. Single scarlet-red flowers, in Japanese form, surround red and gold fringed centers that are very showy! A prolific bloomer that is easy to grow.


Primevere – Mid-late season bloom. Japanese style, with large pure white outer petals and yellow-white center petals, resembling a pompom. Very fragrant; strong stems make this an excellent cut flower.

Sarah Bernhardt Red

Sarah Bernhardt Red – Spring to early summer bloom. Red version of the well-known Sarah Bernhardt. Large bowl-shaped fragrant double blooms over dark green shiny foliage with an upright habit. 

Sarah Bernhardt

Sarah Berhhardt – Large double soft pink flowers; fragrant. Vigorous grower with reliable blooms. Award winner from the Royal Hort Society.