Oh how joyous when Clematis was grown by our vendors. But, our vendors struggled to transport the bloom laden vines and in the end, most stopped growing them. We were stuck with demand but no product. So Martin Garden Center began growing its own Clematis 4 years ago and we now sell 200+ each spring. We normally release our clematis mid-April (and yes, we allow customers to place reserves (unpaid) on the vines growing in the back of our Greenhouse and we will call you before we release our vines). But once we move the Clematis outside circa mid-April, if you don’t pick up your reserved vine, we make it available to the public. Rarely do we have clematis vines available past June.

Clematis are deciduous flowering vines, reaching on average 10-12 feet at mature size. They will root when they touch soil so you often can generate more vines. In our Zone 8 climate, Clematis prefer afternoon shade but will tolerate full sun. Keep the roots well mulched. Use a broad based fertilizer twice a year (Easter and Thanksgiving). We recommend Espoma Holly Tone.

Each year, we carry 9-10 Clematis varieties often including, but not limited to, the following:

Dr. Ruple Clematis

Deep rose-pink with carmine bar. 6-8″ flowers have ruffled edges.

Clematis Ernest Markham

Bright 5-6″ magenta-red flowers, most popular red. Strong and vigorous grower!

Clematis Henryi

Pure white pointed petals with contrasting brown stamens. Huge 6-8″ flowers.

Clematis Jackmanii

Most popular and profuse bloomer. Rich velvety purple 5-6″ flowers.

Clematis Mrs. N Thompson

Compact, bicolor 4-6″ flowers of deep violet-purple with a bright red bar.

Clematis Nelly Moser

All time favorite bicolor! Large 7-9″ muave-pink flowers with a bright carmine red bar. One of the earliest to bloom.

Clematis Piilu

One of the most prolific bloomers. Produces two types of flowers: double, two-toned pink flowers on old wood, large single bloom of the same color on new wood.

Clematis Sapphire Indigo

A low mound shrub-type of Clematis that needs no support. Can also be used as a ground cover that will crawl around existing plants in the garden. Prolific 4″ sapphire-blue flowers.

Clematis The President

Huge 7-8″ deep purple-blue flowers. More continuous blooms than other Clematis