Alabama Coleus

The world of coleus has changed. This ain’t your grandma’s large leafed shade coleus. Over the years, coleus have been bred to be sun tolerant and now the majority can be planted in the full sun, but don’t fret fellow shade gardeners, they still work in part shade and full shade.

Most coleus are purchased for the colorful foliage. Bright chartreuse, red, orange, purple and almost black leaves are available and every mixture of color in between. Some of the most popular varieties that we sell include Alabama, Defiance, Pat Martin, Pineapple, Sangria, Trailing Burgundy, Trailing Plum and Wasabi.

Coleus make great thrillers, and can grow to 3 feet if unchecked during the season. Coleus are easily shaped … just pinch to size and let them bush out.

#ReggieRights My favorite coleus combination ever … From my shaded garden circa 2015 included a background thriller of Wasabi Coleus (chartreuse green), my filler Defiance Coleus (red with yellow margins) & in the front, cascading over my wall, red wandering jew. For sun gardens, sub trailing plum coleus for the red wandering jew. Absolutely gorgeous till first frost.