Canna Lily

Cannas are an easy addition to your perennial garden. They love sun, but can take partial shade.  They may grow 3-6 feet tall. Vivid red, yellow, or orange blooms appear from mid-summer to first frost that are ideal for attracting pollinators.  Some varieties even have variegated leaves to give your garden interest all summer long.

This 2022 year, we are offering the following Canna bulbs for pre-order at $6.49.  Buy them now at $6.49, or buy them later in the spring in a 1-gallon pot at $17.99. The 2-gallon and 3-gallon cannas will be far more expensive.


Canna Angel Martin
2-3 eye$6.49Peach blooms, bronze foliage; 2-3 ftZone 7-11; full sun
Canna Australia
2-3 eye$6.49Orange-red blooms, bronze foliage; 3-4′ heightZone 7-11; full sun
Canna Phaison
2-3 eye$6.49Orange blooms, purple/red/yellow striped foliage; 5-6′ heightZone 7-11; full sun
Canna Pretoria
2-3 eye$6.49Orange blooms, green & yellow striped foliage; 3-4′ heightZone 7-11; full sun