From time to time, customers come in looking for information about pests, diseases, or how-to projects that they can take home, and we have several tip sheets available for those customers in the store.  We’ve included links to some of our more popular informational handouts here for your convenience!  Check back often as we add more tips and advice to this page.

HGIC 1457 – Indoor Plants – Terrariums

HGIC 2109 – FAQ About Rose Rosette Virus

HGIC 1256 – Planning a Vegetable Garden

HGIC 1173 – Pruning Roses

HGIC 1009 – Crape Myrtle Pruning

Citizen’s Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety

Hummingbird Haven – Backyard Habitat for Wildlife

Reducing Deer Damage at Home

Integrated Pest Management Principles

Make Your Pumpkin Last