Holy Hydrangeas and Other Shrubs

As Spring approaches, Martin Garden Center is becoming more and more populated with plants.  Perennials and annuals are always popular because spring fever seems to instill the need for flowering plants.  Yet, the anchor in any yard is its shrubbery.

Shrubs provide the backdrop for all home gardens, and selecting the proper shrub becomes a quest, in many cases, to find the right shrub of the right size and right color and right sun tolerance.  Twenty years ago, consumer choices were limited to boxwood and holly for sun, and azaleas and camellias for shade.  Now, with hybridization and selected propagation, there are even some species, long ago limited to shady areas, such as some select hydrangeas, that are now sun tolerant. Holy hydrangea!

With shrubs of every color and shape and texture and sun tolerance that there are almost too many choice … ALMOST.  One of the greatest attributes of Martin Garden Center, besides the amazing and very helpful signage, is the vast experience in plant knowledge and garden planning held by the staff, as well as their willingness to impart that knowledge to gardeners on that quest for the right shrubs to anchor their garden.

From Arborvitae to Yews (yes, I know it was supposed to be A to Z, but we just don’t carry any Z shrubs right for this climate … yet), our shrubs will give your garden the right foundation to spring forward into Spring.  And, when that hybrid Z-shrub finally becomes available, we’ll carry it too!