Give thanks in style:

Add gourds in a stylish display

Mum, gourd, bittersweet front 2pumpkins, gourds

Use a pumpkin tower to add interest


Specimen gourds and pumpkins spark interesting conversations … try lunch lady gourds, a cinderella pumpkin or the “One Too Many” pumpkin.



Create living arrangements for your table or display

IMG_0854 (1)IMG_0843 (1)

Dress up pots with fall color

IMG_0761Nagoya White and Nagoya Red KaleVanilla Spice Summersweet, Acoma Crape MyrtleYellow Mum Blue Pot


Fresh boxwood and frazier fir wreaths will arrive and be ready for sale on Monday, 11/23, just in time for Thanksgiving decorating.

We also have amaryllis, paperwhites and poinsettias. See our Christmas page for more information.